About Us

BitsandBytes Hotspot under the name of PT. BitsandBytes Lovina is an IT services company that focuses on installation and maintenance service along with its internet access which facilitate digital applications follows the development of technology and innovation.

PT. BitsandBytes Lovina established since 2008 and has experiences in VSAT, computer networking equipment and communication solution, which covered infrastructure, digital satellite transmission, configuration of media wireless and fiber optic.

In providing internet service , PT. BitsandBytes Lovina is working with PT. Maxindo Mitra Solusi which has been officially registered as formal member from Association of Indonesia Internet Service Provider (APJII), in using Fiber Optic network infrastructure connected to the POP tower to provide good service quality for our customer.
Internet Service as an integral part for people business nowadays, PT. BitsandBytes Lovina able to serve you to utilize the technology and developed information to support your business, promotion and performance.

PT. BitsandBytes Lovina provides internet dedicated access which suits for Middle low business till to the big business scale and it can be adjusted following to your needs and budget, so both you and your business partner(End-User) able in experiencing of great streaming and nice browsing.



1. Stabile Acces,
  a. BitsandBytes network using wireless technology and fiber optic connected to the POP (Point of Presence) Tower. 
  b. Technology and infrastructure owned by BitsandBytes supported by real high-end technology and reliable equipment, in a refined industrial design that suits the international standards.

2. Dedicated Bandwidth,
 Our Dedicated Access speed more stabile and without any bandwidth sharing to other customers.

3. Hotspot configuration service by Controller system
 In using wifi public (Wifi Hotspot), 
  a. Able to do controlled management of users connected to public wifi 
  b. Direct monitoring by the bandwidth traffic
  c. Set limit data transfer can be downloaded, 
  d. Manage what content is accessible, 
  e. Smart Wifi Connecting, the hotspot network connected to several local access point automatically without requiring the user to re-login, 
      e.g of the connection between hotel building to the restaurant, or office with lobby area.

4. Competitive Price
 We provide a wide range of product which consists of internet subscription packages and value added service. The internet subscription packages also can be adjusted to the customer needs.

5. Efficient and effective
 By using the right tools and for sure by the expert people on their role, also 24hx7 Customer service Support to manage and Network Monitoring.

6. Non Bureaucratic Solution Based Service 
 We make the customer as the main priority and can instantly get the services without going through the system and bureaucracy to aid the reliability and stability service.